Plastic Surgery

A mod pack for Unreal Tournament 3

Mutator: Don't Breathe

Stop moving and firing for five seconds and you'll become invisible. It may be a game, but some of us get tired with all that running! Don't worry, though, one of humanity's best traits is its impatience. Use it with a gametype that encourages hastiness and you won't have to worry about campers at all.

Mutator: Playing Favorites

Choose your weapon the first time you spawn and get moving! Don't worry about the most efficient way to get the flak cannon, never again feel embarassed because you died with only an enforcer - if you die now, it will be only from your own lack of skill!

To change the key that opens the weapon selection menu, edit the .ini file.

Gametype: Hide and Go Seek

One player starts on blue, the rest on red, but the number of blue players increases each time a red player dies. Fend off the blue players as long as you can, and maintain your record for the remaining rounds. Supports WAR and CTF/VCTF maps as well as DM maps.

The time limit configuration doesn't do anything. Change the goal score/kill count to change the number of rounds before the game ends. Change the survival health reward settings in the .ini file.

Gametype: Last Man Standing

Fight to keep your one life against the other opponents in this round based game of survival. As with the other gametypes, change the goal score/kill score in the options screen to change the number of rounds.

Gametype: Team Last Man Standing

Work with your team-mates to survive and repel the assault of your enemies. In this gametype, every map is a team map: players will spawn with team-mates on any map. Supports CTF/VCTF maps as well as DM maps.

Installation: Extract the .ini file from the zip into your config directory (usually in My Documents, under "My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config"). If you don't do this, the mutator won't appear in game. Then, extract the folder Published into your "My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame" folder.

Server installation: I have no idea. Look at the instructions for other mutators, and do your best!